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We Ask That You Focus On Just One

Field Sales

Even in this day and age, in home selling is still thriving and successful.  We pride ourselves that we found what works and we simply rinse & repeat.  Our field agents enjoy the independence of in our in home selling platform as well as getting fresh, qualified leads week in, week out.  Because quality leads and enough of them are the key to every sales program.


We are one of the few left in our industry that charges per lead piece.  Plus, only for the leads agents receive.  In most cases we can even approve agents to not pay upfront.  We understand that getting weekly, fresh, exclusive leads to our agents makes for an easier selling system.  Good leads mean more sales and more sales mean more money.

Agents enjoy being able to look at current inventory anytime.  We will never put an agent on in any areas that we didn’t see a good ROI form our lead counts.  If we can’t get leads there, we will always say upfront.  Our agents love that their territories are exclusive.  We are not a mass hire organization.  


From the time you are done filling out your contracting online (takes only mins), we start the support and training.  We have developed online Training University’s for both field and telesales.  It walks you through step-by-step how to get set up and perform properly in both areas.  You just have to follow the steps.  You almost don’t even have to think!  We do regular training calls as wells field training and hands on telesales training.  Whether you’re on the phone or in a home with a customer, our message app allows you to chat the home office and other agents for help with underwriting, sales announcing or anything else to feel like you are a part of a team and not alone.


Though we use the term "telesales" and "phone sales" we are from the old days of manually dialing leads or cold calling. Our telesales system is all done over the computer. We offer an entirely free operating system to our agents. You just need to have some non-resident states. We cover everything. Set up is easy and quick through our University followed by a live one on one training on your computer. We will literally take calls on your computer and show you everything you need to know. You do need to be able to multi task while chatting with customers. But you do not need some big hardware or internet service. Basic internet, a desktop or laptop and some cheap headphones is all you need to get started.

Time & discipline are the keys to success in telesales. This is not a part time get rich fast program.


Energetic & Likeable 100%
Discipline & Dedication 100%
Full Time Commitment 100%
Teachable 100%
The Ability To Multi-Task 100%
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