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Field Sales…

It’s our foundation.  We have a combined 40 plus years of selling face to face, in homes.  We have done nothing more than perfect the most important key element all agents need.  Leads!  Direct Mail is always the best lead source when selling face to face.  There truly is an art when it comes to the demographics in developing quality direct mail leads.  Where most direct mail lead companies use the same basic demographics simply to generate leads, we use 9 different parameters in ours.  Starting with the income level.  By raising it a little higher, we can weed out more of the direct express and non-bank account customers which leads to better quality sales for you.

We are also one of the last IMO’s that offer “per lead pricing” under $30 per lead.  Pay for only what you get.  We pride ourselves on our system.  Our partners enjoy getting a steady flow of fresh, exclusive leads every single week.  No need to pre-pay for a huge drop and then sit and wait for 4-6 weeks just for a couple to straggle in.

We also have our own app for phones and tablets where you can input your sales and apps before you even leave the customers driveway!

Leads are just the starting point.  With our hands on field training, workshops, training calls and “Agent Elite Package” at no cost.  

Whether you’re newly licensed agent or a veteran in the field, we are positive our home is where you want to hang your hat.


Though a great idea to maximize time and efficiency and obviously money, not everyone is equipped to do telesales successfully. Here at DIG, we were founded by a few veteran Final Expense agents who spent years and years in the field.  Towards the end of 2010 we dove head first into the taboo world of Final Expense Telesales.  WOW…we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

The “idea” of selling over the phone is a fantastic one.  However, it’s not as simple as one may think.  But we spent years and years mastering the art of selling by phone.  

Today we have an absolute turn key system.  From the time we send contracts, we walk you through the process step by step.  Our training academy is a system that gets you set up easily.  Training is the key to success with us.  Simply thinking you can take calls and just sell is the wrong approach to telesales.  

There is an art to it make no mistake.

This IS the way of the future! Telesales allows the best opportunity for those that have the discipline and determination to literally make their own success. 


LA Agent

"Man, I am SO not used to actually getting leads when promised! Thanks!!! I still have about 25 leads to work, which should keep me busy for through Tuesday, May 14 since I don't usually work on Fri or Sat."


Ronnie K

Mr. Daviso, I just wanted to say since I have been using your lead service my life business has soared. The excellent quality of leads has helped me to surpass my expectations. The training and experience exhibited in your staff is very evident after listening to the recorded conversations from your calls to potential clients. The leads are exclusive and are not given to anyone else. This gives me the assurance that I have a great opportunity to close a sale and put my investment plus back in my pocket. I would recommend your service to anyone. It is truly a win/win situation for anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. Great Job!


AR Agent

"I don't have to imagine it, dude...as of yesterday, I have written 8 apps from the 13 leads i received as of Monday! Now don't go increasing my lead cost on me!!!! Lol"


James D

Prior to coming here, I was involved with a competitor who had the most bass-ackward training and shmaltzy closing lines, It was embarrassing. Todd has put together the REAL DEAL!

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