Daviso Insurance Group

Why Final Expense, Why Us

Our main focus is Final Expense Life Insurance protection with FREE Funeral Planning Assistance. Weathering storms is what Final Expense has proven throughout the years. In the loss of a loved one or a bad economy, Final Expense helps us all get through those rough times.

Whether your interest is selling by phone or face to face, we have mastered both for a combined experience over 43 years.

Leads are the number one issue agents have.  But not with us.  From TV leads to direct mail to social media…our agents never complain about not staying busy.

Are you overwhelmed by all the Final Expense Companies asking for your hard work, sweat and tears?  Feel like you’re wondering around listening to all the pitches hoping “Is this the one?”  Right now you’re shaking your head “yes”.  That’s because THIS company really was started by agents.  Stop wondering.  Start selling.

The Best of Both Worlds

The ONLY IMO that offers both field and phone sales with success.  We have combined our years of experience to become a one stop shop for every agents need.  Sell by phone or face to face.  We have the support you need.  The leads that convert.

Final Expense Selling Made Simple.

From the second we both say “go”, our process is simple and step by step.  This is what we do.  Day after day.  From being an agent to having this amazing platform…we’ve been there.  We made everything so simple we actually say we’ve…”dumbed it down”.  We are “picture book” kind of folks.  So we need things simple and easy.  That’s why we not only have step by step online training for both phone & field sales, but we constantly are improving it to make it better.

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