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    The LEADERS in Final Expense Telesales, Field sales and leads.  Why?  It's all we've ever done since 2002 AND...we OWN the lead company.  Leads are one of the biggest issue's at the core of an agents failure in this business.  That's why we scrub every single lead for quality assurance before sending it out.  If the President wouldn't pay for it, then neither should you. 
    At DIG, we take each and everyone's success seriously.  We want it as much as you do!  We give you what you give us in terms of effort and dedication.  Contact us
and find out all there is to know that makes our agents and owners so successful.
4889 Sinclair Rd.  Suite 213
Columbus, OH.  43229

The ONLY company that offers a 4% Bonus on every application filled out!  We pay you 4% of the first year annualized premium for every sale.  Bonus's paid out at the end of every month.

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